How close is China's army allowed to be around Taiwan in order to avoid/trigger Taiwanese army's firing?

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Aug 03, 2022 02:12 AM 0 Answers
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It is reported that China will hold live ammunition military drills around Taiwan as Pelosi visits.

If you look at these red blocks representing China's ammunition military drills regions, it seems that any sovereign state's military would feel obligated to fight against such a sheer threat. Imagine if any country attempted similar military drills along the coastline of the United States...

But Taiwan's issue is very subtle. It seems that Taiwan's army are very tolerant of China's close threat and dare not do anything like shooting at the aircraft or warships of China. What is the Taiwanese army's bottom line (its official policy or statement, or anything their officers have mentioned before on this)? Do they fire back only after China's army fires first against them?

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