How can Ukraine's invasion end for the Russian media and how do they justify the possible scenarios? [closed]

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After writing my first question I realized that I can ask another question so to have a good summary of the Russian positions in the media on the ways the invasion of Ukraine can end.

How does Russian media envisage the war in Ukraine will end? Is there someone who says that annexation of part of Ukraine can be a good thing, or they say that they want "just" independence of Donbass, Crimea recognition and neutrality of Ukraine, or even less than this? Is the peaceful part of the population even represented?

In my country for example media gives mainly two alternatives: Ukraine regains the territories lost (but not Crimea and Donbass) and Russia can come back home saying they defended Donbass so they are not just losers, or the Russia manages to negotiate annexation of some other part (at least in the southeast). A question arises naturally : How even Russian media justify the second scenario if they told the invasion is a special military operation? Is it even discussed? Do they just blame Zelensky not to accept their requests (not regarding new annexations)?

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