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How can the EU leaders assure their commitment to the climate goals while they keep investing so much money on fossil fuels?

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May 25, 2022 02:28 PM 0 Answers
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The REPowerEU plan was recently drafted by the EU authorities to address the energy crisis triggered by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Among the other things it plans to add 10 Billion Euro to what is already being spent on Gas infrastructure. Mainly additional infrastructure for liquefied gas.

I assume that if someone want to spend so much money on some infrastructure they are not planning to use it for just few years. But according to the plan works for such infrastructure will go on until 2030, and maybe beyond, that is when according to the promise Europe should reduce by 55% the greenhouse gas emission. This mean that while they promise to reduce greenhouse gas emissions they keep investing on a fossil fuel. Furthermore, according to the promise 20 years later Europe should achieve net zero emissions this means that an infrastructure that took such high investments to build should become redundant way before the 2050 target.

As far as I know no EU leader tried to justify such conflicting policies. How can they assure their commitment to the climate goals while they keep investing on a fossil fuel?

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