How can developing and underdeveloped countries get out of the arm-twisting cycle? [closed]

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According to the above article:

They showed the letter from a distance. It is very clearly evident [from the letter] that whatever is happening in Pakistan through the no-confidence motion was conveyed on March 7 and [whoever the letter was addressed to] was told that if the vote of no-confidence is successful, Pakistan's problems internationally will be reduced but if Prime Minister Imran Khan survives the no-confidence vote, arm-twisting of Pakistan will be done.


"What they shared with us is that this letter is a conversation between Pakistani officials and officials of another country. According to my understanding, that country is America but the government did not name the country. They did not tell the number of officials or the location of the meeting. They said that Europe and the US are not happy with Pakistan's stance on Russia and Ukraine."

According to the above Urdu vlog of a Pakistani journalist, PM Imran Khan called them to show the portion of an official document of records of a visit of Pakistani officials to a foreign country. During this visit, the Pakistani officials were conveyed a message that -

the administration of the foreign country is not happy with the Pakistani PM's policies, especially regarding Russia. Therefore, the PM has to go. There is a no-confidence motion coming up against him, and if he survives, Pakistan will face a grim future.

While PM Imran Khan was showing the evidence to the journalists, he also told them that, the actual language from the document was derogatory and threatening at the same time which PM cannot reveal because of the Pakistani secrecy act.

The most important part of this incident is, this meeting was held on 7th March when there were no talks of no-confidence from the opposition. This means that this no-confidence motion was arranged by that foreign administration.

enter image description here

enter image description here

In the above photo, a US embassy official is seen reading out instructions to opposition MPAs.

By the way, this is not the first time this is happening in Pakistan. The foreign powers have a history of actively interfering with Pakistan's internal affairs.

enter image description here

This is an example of how powerful and rich countries in the West arm twist poorer countries to achieve their own objectives, and the poorer countries have to sacrifice their sovereignty.

How can developing and underdeveloped countries get out of the arm-twisting cycle?

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  • March 30, 2022