How and to what extent did the US Senate block or prevent the patenting of the Confederate Flag?

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In the recent CNN video Cruz calls Biden's Supreme Court promise 'offensive' and 'insulting' former US senator Carol Moseley Braun responded to comments from US Senators Ted Cruz and Roger Wicker about President Biden's plan to appoint a black female justice to the Supreme Court:

CNN: Senator Roger Wicker said that whoever is picked will have been a beneficiary of affirmative action, but perhaps one of the more eye-popping things he said was, quote: "We're going to go from a nice, stately left wing liberal, to someone who's probably more in the style of Sonia Sotomayor. Why do you think he sees Breyer as nice and stately, and yet in his opinion the first hispanic female justice is not, and he expects that the first female black justice whose identity we don't even know yet will not be "nice and stately"?

Moseley-Braun: I made the point earlier that this is the voice of white supremacy [...] Again, I've got a different set of experiences. When I got to the United States Senate, I brought a different set of experiences to that body, that I hope were helpful. We had had the confederate flag patent renewed over and over and over again, until I stood up and said "Wait a minute, this is offensive to black people, who were held in slavery under this flag. And my colleagues finally got it. And we wound up denying the patent thank goodness. And again that was something that passed unnoticed, and undiscussed until I got there.

And so I think that having a black woman on the United States Supreme Court will help to inform decisions there, in ways that will help the country to grow, and to be better, and to fulfil the promise of democracy.

Question: How and to what extent did the US Senate block or prevent the Confederate Flag from becoming intellectual property?

Usually decisions about patents and trademarks are made by the US Patents and Trademarks Office or USPTO, but Moseley-Braun seems to be referring to decisive activities by the US Senate.

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  • February 3, 2022