Have there been any meaningful federal laws passed in the USA recently?

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May 27, 2022 03:26 AM 0 Answers
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I don't live in the US, but I am drowned in news from the US, even more than those from my country.

I understand that the US is a very polarized society, where one of the main stated goals of both of the major political parties in Congress, is to block whatever idea comes from the other party. As a consequence of this, most change is done only through executive orders, which can be overruled by the next president just as easily as they are enacted; through legal loopholes like embedding some rules into larger must-pass bills; and more recently, through partisan re-interpretation of existing laws by the courts.

Since there is not a large enough majority in the Senate to pass any laws, I wonder, when was the last time that actual federal laws were passed by the US Congress? And if that was recent, how commonly do laws pass in the US, and how do the different parties find agreements when they have publicly stated that not finding agreements is their platform.

Based on my understanding of US politics, I would believe that there have been no laws passed at all since at least when Obama started in 2008, but i would like to have more information about this.

I know there are some trivial bills that are routinely passed, such as renaming of stuff, and other non consequential laws. I'm not talking about these -- I'm talking about actual laws that change actual stuff.

Apologies for knowing so little about the US. I just want to learn more about that very fascinating country.

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