Have previous presidential campaigns been investigated by the F.B.I for ties to foreign governments?

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At the moment it's been confirmed by the director of the F.B.I that Trump and his people are being investigated closely for foreign ties with Russia, etc. (see below).

F.B.I. Is Investigating Trump’s Russia Ties, Comey Confirms

Mr. Comey said the F.B.I. was “investigating the nature of any links
between individuals associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian
government, and whether there was any coordination between the
campaign and Russia’s efforts.”

Counterintelligence investigations are among the F.B.I.’s most
difficult and time-consuming cases, meaning an investigation could
hang over the Trump administration for years even though such
inquiries rarely lead to criminal charges.

American intelligence agencies concluded in January that President
Vladimir V. Putin of Russia personally ordered a covert effort to hurt
Hillary Clinton’s chances and aid Mr. Trump. That included hacking
political targets, including the Democratic National Committee, and
releasing embarrassing emails through the website WikiLeaks.


This happened with Trump so tell me. . .

  • Have there ever been any other presidential campaigns (or associated individuals) that consequently held the offices which they ran for that have been investigated by the F.B.I for ties with foreign government(s)—specifically this occurring against the POTUS or his associated people after being elected and inaugurated?
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