Have OANN or Newsmax asked any questions (thus far) at the the press conferences of the Biden White House?

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I'm curious if these two organizations (OANN and Newsmax)--both known for being more pro-Trump than even Fox News-- and both still part of the White House press corps as far as I can tell were present at Biden's administration press conferences. If so, have they asked any questions at those Biden WH press events thus far?

(There has been some reporting that OANN has been removing some of their election-conspiracy-fraud claims from their website. It's a bit unclear if that was mainly because they want to avoid being sued by Dominion Systems or if they're trying to take a more conciliatory tone towards the Biden presidency now. So, I'm curious what kind of questions they asked, if any, at Biden WH press events.)

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  • January 24, 2021