Have any of the eleven Pennsylvania state senators who passed a mail-in voting law & now suing to invalidate it explained why they changed their mind?

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Go Erie's GOP state lawmakers file lawsuit to have mail-in voting tossed out. Who is suing begins:

In the latest attack on Pennsylvania’s mail-in voting option, 14 Republican state House members filed a lawsuit asking a court to invalidate mail-in balloting by claiming it is unconstitutional.

Lawmakers argued in the suit filed late Tuesday in Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court that Act 77, under which no-excuse mail-in voting was allowed, violates the state and U.S. constitutions and should have been pursued through a state constitutional amendment, even though 11 of them voted for the legislation in 2019.

It then lists the fourteen GOP legislators who filed the lawsuit. Of twelve who were senators at the time, eleven voted for the same law they are now suing to invalidate as unconstitutional.

Question: Have any of these eleven senators made any effort to explain publicly why they have changed their minds on this law?

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  • January 31, 2022