Has China's deposit insurance been used to pay claims since adoption (seemingly in 2015)?

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I've read this CNN article on protests against Chinese banks "freezing" their customers' deposits for months (and watched the video inside too), but there's no mention of any deposit insurance scheme in China.

However, such a scheme appears to have been adopted in 2015. (The relevant regs are even published in English.)

On the other hand, a 2018 Fitch article was suggesting that the funds collected until then might have been insufficient to cover even a single large bank failure.

The deposit insurance fund had a balance of CNY81.5 billion as of end-September 2018. This amount represented 0.045% of total bank deposits in the same month, and may not be sufficient to support DGS pay-outs in an event of a large bank failure.

Has this fund been used in practice to pay any claims insofar? Or are the regulations such that it's difficult for claimants to get repaid from there? (E.g. is the bank practice of "freezing" customer accounts related to avoiding using this deposit insurance mechanism?)

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