Has Biden or his staff/selectees discussed plans of how to handle the physical White House and Secret Service, re: COVID?

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Nov 20, 2020 08:15 PM 0 Answers
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By this, I don't mean how the President-Elect plans to handle COVID, big-picture, but rather how he and his staff are planning on dealing with the actual physical White House, the West Wing and the Oval Office, in light of news reports of President Trump and various staff members and his Secret Service detail having, or having had confirmed cases of COVID.

It might be easy to suggest emptying the White House and sanitizing the whole thing, but there are many relatively priceless and irreplaceable items in it as well as that someone has to always be there. Plus the fact that it's not all that big a building, underground rooms not-withstanding. I'm curious to the details of that part of the transition.

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