Has anyone self-identified as “neoliberal”?

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I am an American. In America, the term “neoliberal” is not used at all in common political conversation. I encounter it solely when speaking to people from other countries on the Internet. It seems to describe certain aspects of (at least claimed) “free-market” or “capitalist” ideology held by politicians that are disliked by the person using the term.

Unlike other “neo-” terms with which I am familiar (mainly “neoconservative”, as that is actually used in the United States by some people to identify themselves), I have never heard of a person or a movement that identifies themselves as “neoliberal”.

Has anyone ever used the term “neoliberal” to identify themselves? Is this word ever used non-pejoratively? Why are people who do not like what the “neoliberals” want so compelled to call them “neoliberal”?

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  • July 27, 2019