Granting refugee status to a person due to his/her financial support to another country [closed]

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There are two countries: A and B, and they are in war with one another. Citizen of A donates money to armed forces or humanitarian organization of B. He/she arrives to a neutral country C with a government and people that feel dislike to the A's government, but are not in state of war with it. The citizen of A states that he/she provided financial support to a country hostile to its government, provides proof of it, and claims asylum in there due to his/her fear of political persecution. Further, the government of C grants him/her refugee status.

  1. In post-WWII history, was there any case similar to that?
  2. Does it hypothetically make difference how much money the fleeing citizen donates, unless it can be considered "pennies" to his/her budget?
  3. In similar manner, if the citizen provides financial support while on transit to C, or after arriving to C, how does it affect the case?
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