Global Britain post-Brexit: Fact or fiction? [closed]

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Mar 24, 2022 04:57 PM 0 Answers
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One major "selling point" of Brexit was that it would allow Britain to be free of EU bureaucracy, free to achieve its own ambitions without regulation or red tape, and free to become an independent global leader. One term coined by Brexiteers (and that of the Conservative Party) to summarise this is "Global Britain".

Many remainers stated that this is simply a pipe dream, unachievable, without being in the EU.

However, looking at recent global events, it appears we're doing actually rather well. The UK's response to Covid-19 seemed above many others; having one of the most successful vaccine programmes in the bloc, it's key role in development of a major vaccine and fast re-opening of the economy seems quite like "Global Britain".

Likewise in the Russo-Ukrainian War, the UK has provided technology and weapons (sure, not just the UK - a great many NATO countries have contributed greatly) which have helped the Ukrainians repel the Russian invasion.

My question in summary: will "Global Britain" be a success, or are we doomed to fall into obscurity?

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