Given the current turmoil in Afghanistan, is acquiring it as a 15th US Territory a viable option?

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The US and her allies have invested heavily in blood and treasure in Afghanistan for 2 decades. Current trajectories indicate that the entire country will soon fall to the Taliban. I have heard no talk in the mainstream media about a territorial acquisition option and it seems to me that several benefits could result if such an acquisition were handled properly.

Some eventual upsides with hard work could include

  1. Basic human rights guaranteed to the population, especially for women and girls
  2. The more general promotion of democracy and freedoms in that territory
  3. Permanent military bases and staging grounds for the US and her allies
  4. Denying terrorists a significant foot hold
  5. Known natural resources such as barite, chromite, copper and gold
  6. Natural resources yet to be discovered
  7. A reduction in the illicit opium trade
  8. A trainable workforce that could significantly populate low-skill factories (in Afghanistan) thereby reducing dependence upon China and other (potentially hostile) countries for manufactured goods

If the US and Afghan governments were to broker such a deal, what would the political and other downsides be of securing Afghanistan as a territory ?

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  • August 13, 2021