Getting properly screwed over by the tories [closed]

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I've been in touch with 4 government departments in the last couple of years, including via my MP, regarding two projects with social value, one FOI request and the submission of code as an extension to a service provided by the home office to make it safer for sex workers.

Each department has then referred me, on a wild goose chase, to other departments, for things within their remit.

I understand that running managed services is one thing, submission of code, well that's code. For the FOI request to the ministry of justice, I asked the question how dangerous people with mental health are statistically compared to everyone else. I was asked to contact the NHS. The NHS don't sentence people, the MoJ do.

I know never attribute to malice what could be stupidity but still it seems odd that all I get is a "not my problem".

I've been lied to (with evidence), told my code would be used with reference to my company, then nothing, sent in a complete loop by the NHS and told, by the Department for education, to contact local schools for a computer recycling broker system when it's the department for education which I need whitelisting from.

I wouldn't mind but the projects include:

  • Reducing the spread, and death toll of Covid - 19 in hospitals using a virtual queue
  • Providing computers to children in poverty
  • Informing sex workers in real time of misbehaving clients
  • Potentially reducing stigma to suffers of mental health problems.

Details here:
Link to letters about this

Question is what do I do?


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  • December 17, 2021