Germany putting industries or facilities “under state management” if they don't cooperate; provisions for it in the constitution? Precedent?

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Fox News' April 28, 2022 Germany drops opposition to Russia oil embargo: report includes the following:

The reversal from Germany – which had been one of the main opponents of the EU severing its oil and gas trade with Russia – comes after Berlin struck a deal with Poland to import oil by way of one of its Baltic Sea ports, The Wall Street Journal reports.

On Wednesday, Germany’s representatives to the EU lifted its objection to a Russian oil embargo pending the country has enough time to find alternative supplies, according to two German government officials who spoke to the newspaper.

and ends with

In the deal it reached with Poland, Germany will be able to receive oil from exporters docking at the Baltic Sea port of Gdansk, which is connected to a Russian pipeline that funnels crude into a refinery operated by Russian oil company Rosneft in Schwedt, Germany, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The Schwedt refinery provides thousands of jobs for its region – and in the event Rosneft refuses to process non-Russian imports, Germany could place the refinery under state management, the newspaper also reported.

It's that last sentence in bold that caught my attention and interest. The federal government taking over control of a business or even a part of it is a notable event in a democracy where capitalism and free markets are critical to its economy. So I'd like to ask:

Question: Does Germany have much experience putting industries or facilities "under state management" if they don't cooperate? Is there provision for this in the constitution? Is there precedent?

Potentially related:

Reuters March 22, 2022 Germany puts Rosneft's purchase of Schwedt refinery stake (under review

FRANKFURT, March 21 (Reuters) - Germany has put Russian oil group Rosneft's (ROSN.MM) planned purchase of a 37.5% stake in the PCK Schwedt refinery under review, a spokesperson for the economy ministry said on Monday.

"Concerning the takeover of additional shares in the PCK (Schwedt) refinery by Rosneft, an investment review process has been launched," the spokesperson said in response to an enquiry.

The deal, agreed in November, would raise Rosneft's stake in the east German refinery to 91.67%, with Italy's Eni (ENI.MI) holding 8.33%.

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