France and US Relationship Tank on Submarine Contract Cancellation, Engage France in Submarine Drone (used by Nuclear Subs) Project a Solution? [closed]

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Yes, a possible solution that makes everyone happy?

The US gets a Pacific nuclear submarine fleet augmentation and not the diesel-powered French proposed submarines.

The French get their hands into new drone submarines technology that is controlled and augments the firepower of the nuclear submarines. They also get to expand their market scope while preserving otherwise lost jobs in France's shipbuilding industry.

Note: One nuclear submarine can employ multiple, albeit much lower cost, drones. However, drones are viewed as more expendable, and excess could be ordered to maintain an inventory for new and for refitting existing subs.


News Story: AUKUS: France-United States relations sink after pact announcement, embassy event cancelled

Also, what are precisely drone subs?

To quote a source:

The U.S. Navy's Boeing Orca underwater drone could play an offensive role in future conflicts. Writing in the highly regarded U.S. Naval Institute (USNI) blog, retired Commander Brian Dulla argues that the U.S. Navy should invest in mine laying capabilities. It's an arena where large drones like the Orca could have advantages.

Boeing Orca XLUUV (Extra Large Unmanned underwater Vehicle) with mines
The U.S. Navy's first extra-large UUV, the Boeing Orca, could carry multiple 'moor-pedo' mines into ... [+] H I SUTTON
Mine warfare feels neglected in the popular defense media. It may be perceived as old-fashioned or uninteresting. The reality can be quite different. Put yourself in the mind of a captain whose ship has just strayed into a minefield. Or the EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) diver sent to defuse the mines. Even low tech or vintage mines pose a very real threat to modern navies.

Commander Dulla's mine proposal is innovative. Yet like many good ideas it will seem obvious when you read it. He proposes to combines the range, autonomy and flexibility of a UUV (unmanned underwater vehicle) with the warhead of a mine. This allows it to be used as a moored mine that can propel itself into position, keeping the launch platform far from harms way. It could also be used as an extra slow torpedo to target ships in harbor.

See also relatedly this Forbes presentation where the US Navy's new submarine launches a drone guided torpedo attack from an unprecedented range,

Is this, at least, a partial solution, namely consolation contracts for new drone submarine warfare, which are becoming a part of the arsenal of nuclear submarines?

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  • September 17, 2021