Elon Musk's views on shareholder/stockholder capitalism [closed]

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Does Elon Musk support sole shareholder value creation, or does he believe in the importance of stakeholder capitalism. If so, then why? His views seem pretty mixed up where he has shared them.

https://www.thecorporatecounsel.net/blog/2022/05/what-musks-twitter-deal-means-for-stakeholder-capitalism.html , here he expresses his concerns for his shareholders

https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/elon-musk-smart-business-requires-excellent-dwayne-baraka - here he expresses the importance of stakeholders and people affected by the business and how their reviews are important (see the quotes in bold a little below on the website)

He has stated the importance of shifting to renewable energy sources for a sustainable future, thus showing acceptance for part B of the Davos manifesto 2020, while he criticizes the ESG rating systems of the WEF. He gives his views differently as I can see via research on various websites.

Does Elon favor one of a) Shareholder capitalism, or b) Stakeholder capitalism? Or does he support parts of the Davos Manifesto (and thus stakeholder capitalism theory), and disagree with others?

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