Does there exist a schematic diagram of the different factional conflicts inside the Conservative Party?

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Clearly there is serious unrest and a lot of infighting within the present Tory party. That much is plain from the reports in the media.

There are a number of predictable political axes on which MPs might take sides - Right wing v One-nation/Brexiters v non-Brexiters/ Johnsonites v Sunakites/ Deficit addicts who backed Truss v supporters of anti-inflation measures/ Supporters and haters of Wendy Morton etc.

Somebody like Jacob Rees-Mogg is clearly a Brexiter and a right-winger, but he supports Johnson against Sunak. Steve Baker is also a right winger and ERG Brexiteer but he dislikes Johnson and supports Sunak. Andrew Bridgen, another ERG backer seems to have fallen out with everyone.

Jeremy Hunt was an anti Brexiter, and traditional one-nation Tory, but he agreed to rescue the ship under Liz Truss and has now been kept on by Sunak, sitting in Cabinet with the likes of Suella Braverman - strange bedfellows indeed.

Where on earth does Gavin Williamson sit? Does he have the support of other Privy Councillor excludees from attendance at the Queen's funeral? Or do others among them sit happily in Cabinet, and remain on good terms with Wendy Morton? The last-named was appointed Chief Whip by Liz Truss, who was supposedly Johnson's choice as successor, and who retained many of BJ's supporters, yet Williamson who had been a favourite of Johnson who awarded him a knighthood and Privy Councillorship is now at daggers-drawn with Morton.

Can anyone provide a schematic diagram that explains these factional disputes, or is there no logical rationale and has the party descended into the chaos of every-person-for-themselves?

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  • November 6, 2022