Does the conflict in Ukraine show signs of devolving into a long protracted war? [closed]

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Mar 05, 2022 10:57 AM 0 Answers
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In places like my country, we are already getting a lot of refugees from the Ukraine war. My feeling is that this war will be messy, and it will last long.

It seems NATO was unprepared for it, and US is still busy self-sabotaging. But, now, the sanctions have flown out of the Pandora's box and things will get horrible for us, the citizens who work tirelessly for increasing less.

There have been warning signs that the war was coming. Russia decoupled their internet from the west a while ago, and has already fought with success in Syria and a few former Soviet republics. In US, and worldwide there has been a renaissance of extremist parties who now have their own elected officials who strangely support Putin and China. China has bought last year, if I remember correctly, a lot of grains. There were also news that they killed all US spies in their country. And there was the January 6th in US and their withdrawal from Afghanistan.

My problem with all the news reports that reach us here, in Eastern Europe is that one cannot draw conclusions. Most news simply tell us how many tanks were destroyed, how many oligarchs lost their yachts. The most important questions are unanswered. How long will the war last? How long has it been in the works? What are the repercussions against us, the civilians?

My question is are there specific political/military/economic large scale moves by NATO, Russia, China and India that suggest a very long war in Eastern Europe?

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