Does Stack Oberflow have moral obligation to do something regarding the war between Russia and Ukraine? [migrated]

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Context (1)

Russian soldiers kill people in the Ukraine, both soldiers and civilians, including children.

Context (2)

Stack Overflow is the place where developers learn and build careers (taking from the self-description of the website). In the 2021 Developer Survey Russian Federation was in the 13. place in the survey responses (however, it doesn't mean Russian Federation is in 13. place in number of users in Stack Overflow).

Stack Overflow is used for asking questions about the programming. The questions exist in non political context, i.e. it is no possible to say if the code will be used to solve the problem with the medical program or with the combat drone / to shut down websites in the Ukraine.

Context (3)

Since now, Stack Overflow did nothing regarding the war (including publication of statement) or did not publicly say that they did something. It could mean that this situation has no impact on their revenue, i.e. nothing changed regarding making money in the Russian Federation area, like the money from ads or jobs, like helping organizations in Russia grow, so they can pay taxes and this money can be then use to kill people. But can be also opposite.


Does Stack Oberflow have moral obligation to do / say something to show they are aware of the situation in the Ukraine, because they don't know if their business had direct military impact on the people in the Ukraine? I.e. because without the line of code the weapon won't work, but it is impossible to say if the line of code was taken from Stack Overflow.

If yes and because perhaps it was direct impact, should they do something more than just publish a statement, i.e. should they do something which will have direct impact on the people in the Ukraine?

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