Does North Korea get permission to test-fly weapons over China and Russia?

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The CNN video Experts on what North Korea's series of missile tests may mean summarizes several tests of different "flying objects" including (apparently) two hypersonic missiles or at least maneuverable warheads (BBC: North Korea successfully tested hypersonic missile, says report).

As pointed out in comments this is a CNN graphic and so I can't assert it as fact, and ground and satellite-based tracking data is not likely to be public information, but it had to come from somewhere with some basis.

From the video (my transcription):

North Korea has launched a salvo of six ballistic missiles in less than two weeks

  • On January 5th, what Pyong Yang calls a "hypersonic missile" (North Korea, China, Russia, Ocean)
  • Another "hypersonic missile" on January 11th (North Korea, China, Russia, Ocean)
  • Two ballistic missiles fired from a train on January 14th (North Korea, China, North Korea, Ocean)
  • And two tactical guided missiles fired early Monday morning (January 17th) (North Korea, Ocean)

The map shown in the CNN report shows several flights over both China and Russia, and over China alone.

Question: Does North Korea get permission to test-fly experimental weapons over China and Russia?

screenshot from the CNN video

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  • January 18, 2022