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Do we have recent polling on the matter of ending Wall Street for eligible voters?

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Jul 14, 2022 04:25 PM 0 Answers
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How much of the alleged 65% support reported by the Atlantic like finance?

Note the Bloomberg survey of 52% unfavorable and 31% favorable of banking.

I ask because some of the 52% of democrats and 19% of republicans (in the 10/2011 Pew poll who supported occupying wall st at the time in the photo of n>1k-sufficient size) might redress their preliminary concerns with a new party. Given the 30% difference, and maybe no more, first past the post will only split a redundant faction, not a new party that either takes from both parties or relies on new voters.

Using math, eligible non-voters are 94.5% Occupy (x)

35.5 R+D Occupy Support +x=65*2

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