Do other countries provide police the same degree of immunity that USA police officers have?

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In the USA, police have a high degree of immunity for their actions in the line of duty. It is nearly impossible to sue an individual officer due to qualified immunity, and one can't sue a precinct for an officer's misdeeds, unless you can prove an illegal policy or similar caused the officer's behaviors, due to Monell v. Department of Social Services of the City of New York. Police unions have further expanded the officers' rights and even made it difficult to fire an officer that is engaging in questionable behaviors or gross misconduct. There are a number of lesser factors I won't go into as well, but the net result is that in the USA a police officer has relatively little accountability while working, they can effectively, some may even argue literally, get away with murder.

I'm wondering how the degree of protection for police officers in the USA compares to other countries. Do other countries provide the same degree of protection to police against potential misdeeds that the USA does? If not, how does it vary from the USA's handling of police officers?


To address the valid criticism that there are a lot of countries with widely varying policies, I'm mostly interested in countries relatively similar to the USA that would thus have similar desires and difficulty with policing in general. By that I mean developed nations with democratic governments that are not generally considered excessively authoritarian.

I realize that still leaves a large number of countries, but I don't want to narrow this question too far by naming only one country. I would be happy to hear answers about any country that meets the above criteria. The ideal answer would be one that linked to a study that actually compared policing policies across numerous countries, but since that's likely unrealistic to expect I'd settle for comparisons between specific countries.

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  • February 3, 2021