Do organisations without veto power break up faster? [closed]

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  1. Do organisations without veto power break up faster? Organisations meaning countries historically, charitable/international/hobby/military organisations and any other I can't think of just now.

  2. Do countries without presidential veto power score lower on democracy indices? (I think I could answer it in 2-3 hours with excel and with a statistical test, plus data I would find online, but if it has been already calculated then I'd rather save myself 2-3 hours, given that I'm asking this question in May, it's not a school assignment, I'm just curious)

  3. Would the EU without veto power of member countries be more likely to collapse already, or be less beneficial to its members?

I tagged it with the roberts-rules-of-order on purpose to get certain type of people to see this question. I read a few books on Robert's rules of order from cover to cover, and I'm aware there is no veto power in that set of rules. But we keep seeing veto issues in serious orgnisations (the EU for example) or serious countries where a president has the right to not sign a certain law. If we keep seeing the veto power in serious organisations, then it's either that the organisations without veto do not survive for long (thinking of it in evolutionary terms) and/or there are serious reasons behind the veto powers which I just can't think of now.

I'm not a politican, but I do manage small teams of people, and perhaps will move more into being active in organisations later in life, so I'd rather learn how to do it properly now, hence this question.

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