Do less smart people mostly choose a way of humanity during democracy? [closed]

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Conclusion: I wrote this question, and clarified it many times, so it seems that this platform is not for me, at least in my current question; thanks for attempts everyone, I appreciate your efforts.

If democracy is about people and most of the people are significantly less smart than smartest 10% of the people, does it mean that less smart people mostly choose a way of humanity?

P.S. I understand that people choose the government, and the government then takes control, but isn't this choice the main one?


  • What does “choose a way of humanity” mean?

People choose government. Government choose the way of the country. All countries together represent humanity.

  • What does "smart" mean, in the context of your question? Higher IQ? Better educated? More politically aware?

I meant intelligence of the people. Yes, you can think of it as IQ.

Quote: "these tests were administered largely to voters of color and were scored by biased judges. The tests were intentionally confusing and difficult and one wrong answer meant a failing grade." – my question doesn't contain anything about race discrimination and double standards. I wrote about the intelligence of people, without division by race or anything else other than intelligence.

  • The point is that history has demonstrated that once you have a requirement like that, it is abused by those with a vested interest to exclude a segment of the electorate.

I reckon, one can abuse anything as long as the one get away with it. So if you see that something is abused you can just report it to the authorities and the public.

  • You can change your question to: most of the people are significantly smarter than least smart 10% of the people, does it mean that smarter people mostly choose a way of humanity?

You compared people with the least smart 10% of people. It doesn't change distribution of people intelligence that is represented by the bell curve. So in your 90% will be people much less smarter than the average. I on the contrary talk about the people which are much smarter than the average.

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