Do Japanese governments support fluoridation?

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Do Japanese governments support fluoridation?

Wikipedia's article on fluoridation states that less than 1% of Japan receives water fluoridation. However, not all countries supply fluoride via water. From the first paragraph of the previous link:

Artificial fluoridation of water, salt, and milk varies from
country to country. Water fluoridation has been introduced to varying
degrees in many countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile,
Ireland, Malaysia, the U.S., and Vietnam, and is used by 5.7% of
people worldwide. Continental Europe largely does not fluoridate
water, although some of its countries fluoridate salt; locations have
discontinued water fluoridation in Germany, the Netherlands, and other
countries. Health and dental organizations support water fluoridation
in the countries that practice water fluoridation. There has been
opposition to water fluoridation whenever it is proposed.

Do Japanese governments at any level (federal, prefectural, or local council) take any measures to either encourage or make compulsory the supply of fluoride? For example, mandating minimum fluoride levels in toothpaste or salt, or public information campaigns encouraging people to choose fluoridated toothpaste?

It's quite possible Japanese governments hasn't done anything about fluoridation. From a pro-fluoridation site:


Currently less than 1% of Japan has community water
fluoridation. Dental disease in Japan is very severe compared to the
United States.

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