COVID-19: Why did the J & J vaccine disappeared in the U.S? [closed]

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My significant other finally was able to get the J&J vaccine on October 15th, which is at least a partial answer here.

But in discussing it with a pharmacist, who had told me that they had never had the J&J vaccine ever. She said it wasn't a local choice, and I inferred from our conversation that the long delay was a government decision, perhaps by the Washington State health authority with public health responsibility, and/or federal (FDA?) actions.


Bloomberg: Moderna, J&J Make Case for Covid Boosters Ahead of FDA Panel

Robert Langreth and Riley Griffin, first posted 10/12/2021.

Moderna Inc. and Johnson & Johnson said that data they've gathered supports the need for booster shots for their Covid-19 vaccines, ahead of a key regulatory meeting later this week.

For me, this is good news. I am statistically at-risk for complications from COVID-19. I got my single dose of the J & J vaccine as soon as it was available to me. But stupid rules developed by over-partisan administrations in both Washington DC and the State of Washington, got in the way. I had to wait until the general adult population became eligible.

As a result, I had to drive from King County to Island County to get my protection ASAP. The fastest route by car involves taking a Ferry, and for someone dependent on public transportation, it would have been an all day affair.

I've seen no benefit at all from the politicization of COVID-19 vaccinations, and I've subsequently discovered that what seems like political considerations are causing further delays. I've convinced a few unvaccinated friends to take a shot, saying that the J & J vaccine only requires a single dose. But now the say the government lies about its availability through its official site. They are not wrong:

enter image description here

The Federal government is claiming to help by filtering on vaccine brand and availability, but the results produced have been utterly false. Clicking on the link for Hagen Pharmacy takes me to a more accurate website for a group of stores including Safeway and Albertsons. And that site tells me that none of them have J&J within 50 miles.

enter image description here

One step forward, two steps back

Costco does appear to have one day of appointments for the J&J this week. But it's taken so long that the unvaccinated person I referred to has backed out on their commitment

Original Question (slightly dated)

I can't find a local pharmacy offering the single-dose covid-19 vaccine. They say it is back-ordered.

Have there been any reports of recent government action (CDC, FDA, etc.) related to the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen vaccine concerning its discontinuance, rejection of lots, diversion to other countries, etc., that has caused it to be unavailable in the US?

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  • September 10, 2021