Could the Russian Federation really have tested a nuclear weapon without anyone noticing?

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In an interview with Kurbanova Live, Russian blogger and a former political scientist Valery Solovei has made the claim that the Russian Federation has performed a test of a nuclear weapon on November 6th, 2022. The key elements of the claim are (the video is in Russian, but I'll summarize):

  • attempts to conduct the test have been going on all throughout October-November
  • 6 previous attempted tests have failed
  • the 7th attempt at a test was successful
  • the failures of the 1st 6 attempts have raised suspicions of sabotage

I have a difficult time understanding how a test could go unnoticed. It is my understanding that both the radiation and the seismic consequences would be immediately registered if a test took place. Yet I don't see anywhere anyone making similar claims. I have looked through the news and made some Google searches. I don't see anything about any nuclear tests on, or around, the 6th of November of 2022.

Solovei does have a history of making very provocative claims about inside knowledge of Russian elites. He was a professor at the MGIMO, which trains future Russian diplomats. So he could potentially have real insider knowledge. But I am tempted to dismiss this as just another attempt to raise his clout by claiming an insider knowledge on a "sexy" topic (nuclear weapons).

Is there any chance whatsoever his claim can be true though? Is it possible that the Russian Federation has conducted this test and no one has noticed?

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  • November 14, 2022