Could a solution to the Taiwan-China conflict be to pay for the moving of all of Taiwan to a different location? [closed]

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This is a radical idea, that will probably offend some people, but it is not like we are overwhelmed with great ideas, so bear with me.

Let's consider the cost of our current approach to the Taiwan-China conflict, which is to have an arms race between the US, Taiwan and China for an indefinite period, significantly strained international relations, China considering siding with Russia on the Ukraine conflict, the conflict taking focus away from climate change and so on. I don't know if anyone can be bold enough to give an estimate of the cost of this our current approach for the next 80 years, but I believe we can agree that the costs are huge, and the risk of a possible (nuclear) war should be added to the cost.

Compare these costs to the cost of moving the whole of Taiwan to a different location. Including the cost of significant cash-incentives to each inhabitant. They would need to be paid enough so that they would vote in favor of moving to the new location. I know that, for example, the chip factories would be extremely expensive to move. On the other hand, maybe China would be willing to make significant concessions for achieving this, so other conflicts could be solved at the same time.

I can imagine that we could get estimates as to the cost from the cost of building Shenzhen, Dubai or other places that have been built relatively recently. The cost of paying people enough to move to a different location is a lot harder to estimate, though.

The cost could be paid over a lot of years, by a large number of interested parties, including China, US, EU and Japan and the move itself could be made a significant number of years in the future.

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  • March 14, 2022