COP26 Agreement. Is coal going to be phased out/down on only saved for the steel industry

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My question refers to 2021 COP26 climate conference. I'll omit to link some sources because there are too many and readers could better evaluate the issue looking at their own chosen sources.

Basically as far as I understood the only commitment that came out of the conference is to phase out (or down for some countries) coal usage. But I didn't understand if they meant coal usage for energy production or coal usage in general. Coal has a lot of possible alternative uses, mainly in the steel industry, but also some is used by the chemical industry as a precursor to other products. I know that on paper there are so many coal reserves that it could be used for a long time by all the different industries, but actually the coal seams that could be exploited at a low cost have already been exploited. A lot of coal mines nowadays have got so deep that in order to keep digging the machinery must be constantly cooled otherwise they would break in the heated environment.

So I am wondering if there really is an intention to phase out coal use and production on the long term or if it is just a political spin and the real intention is to phase out its use for energy production in order to save it for the steel industry and for the other industries.

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  • November 17, 2021