Controversial Tigray regional election

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As I understand it, one of the points of contention in the conflict between the government of Ethiopia and the Tigray region are contested regional elections in September at 2020. These have been declared illegal by the Ethiopian government, as the holding of elections had been prohibited due to COVID-19.

My question is how such a chain of events could unfold. I understand that there are deeper origins to the animosity of which this is a minor and recent part. But, beyond "the parties wanted to annoy each other", what is the political background to the decision to hold these elections?

For example, did the Tigrayan election authorities go into the election knowing that elections had been prohibited? Were the elections already scheduled for September (for example by constitution) in advance of the prohibition of elections? Did the politics of Tigray enter into the decision to prohibit elections (ostensibly due to COVID-19)? Did internal events within Tigray or Ethiopia make the holding of the regional election politically irresistible?

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