Context of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia and US

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Context of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Everything I'm going to say was based on the book The Untold History of the United States, by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick, which even has a documentary.

The USSR won the Second World War, but what appears in the Western media, in the movies is always something else, is that the US "leading" the allies has won. Alone, the USSR fought over 200 battles against the Nazis. The US and its allies entered towards the end of the war and only had 30 battles against the Nazis. Stalin warned that Hitler wanted war and nobody paid any attention.

Ukraine represents part of the Russian soul, many of the Soviet achievements are linked to Ukraine.

The two provinces that Russia "annexed" passed a plebiscite and 80% of the people chose to stay with Russia; there was no invasion or annexation.

But the US is concerned because there are several pipelines that carry gas from northern Russia to the rest of Europe. That's why Germany and France are trying to negotiate with Putin.

Ukraine's president has already asked the US to stop this campaign, as Russia is only moving guts within its borders. Of course, it will not allow Ukraine to be placed in NATO. NATO was supposed to have been abolished in the 1970s as per an agreement signed by the US, 2u which once again failed to comply with the agreement.

The issue there is money, natural resources and military spending, as usual.

I would like to know what "academic ratings" regarding this information

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  • February 12, 2022