Can the IMF technically kick Russia out of the organization?

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Voting power in the IMF is based on a quota system. Each member has a
number of basic votes (each member's number of basic votes equals
5.502% of the total votes),[113] plus one additional vote for each special drawing right (SDR) of 100,000 of a member country's
quota.[114] The special drawing right is the unit of account of the
IMF and represents a potential claim to currency. It is based on a
basket of key international currencies. The basic votes generate a
slight bias in favour of small countries, but the additional votes
determined by SDR outweigh this bias.[114] Changes in the voting
shares require approval by a super-majority of 85% of voting

I couldn't find anything about the rights of kicking Russia, but it seems to suggest that changing the voting shares of Russia to zero, which is technically the same as kicking it from the organization, would require a super-majority of 85%, so I am assuming that Russia could be kicked out of the organization if a super-majority decides to do so. Is that so, or there's a provision in the laws that prevents that from happening?

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