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Can Russia dam, desalinize and drain the Sea of Azov, like the dutch?

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Nov 24, 2022 01:59 AM 0 Answers
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The sea of azov is now under full russian control, and the canal that causes it to not be a lake is significantly less than the land the Dutch zeederzee canal had to to cross. Could the Russians dam it, and drain the saltwater (There is an influx of water from the various rivers that run from Rostov Na Donu) and reclaim the land, cementing their control over the region?

Sea of azov now under full russian control

That is the area Russia has under control,

How the dutch reclaimed land

And this is what the dutch have reclaimed.

Also, it would allow for a strategical land "Bridge" stopping the Crimean peninsula and the newly acquired territories from being geographically distant, causing Crimea to now be a part of Russia's land mass, and creating more arable land.

Politically, there is obviously precedent for arguments for and against, so I would like some discussion on the political side, but perhaps this question would be better asked on another forum aside from the political dimension.

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