Can countries use cross-border rivers to pressure neighbouring countries?

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For example, can Sudan block/divert the Nile to exert political pressure on Egypt? (The Nile is a major river that flows through Sudan into Egypt.)

I can't find any results via Google on this. The closest is the Berlin Rules on Water Resources, which says for example that:

The document requires that nations take appropriate steps to sustain and manage water resources, in conjunction with other resources, and minimize environmental harm. In addition to setting out various regulations for nations to follow with respect to water within their boundaries and water they may share, it regulates behavior in wartime, including damage to water installations such as dams and dikes. Nations are not permitted to take action that may result in a shortage of life-sustaining water for civilians, unless a nation being invaded is compelled by military emergency to disable its own water supply, or that may cause undue ecological damage. Poisoning water necessary for survival is in all cases forbidden.

Well and good, but the rules appear to be set by the International Law Association, which does not appear to have any authority in international relations; it is not even an arm of the United Nations.

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