Can Biden stop people being killed by making a concession speech? [closed]

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Mar 08, 2022 07:00 AM 0 Answers
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Wouldn't it save lives if Biden decided to take the immediate value of human life higher than overseas pursuit of suffrage-universel and regime change? Couldn't he now appease the belligerent, account taken of his 10,000 nuclear bomb arsenal and advanced age, by making a concession speech of some kind regarding the great culture and traditions of the Russians and the wish for dialogue?

Presently, it seems that Biden's wish to be "not best friends" with Putin is a major factor in the deaths of innocents in Ukraine, so wouldn't a U-turn would save homes, families and the wrecking of an very populous nation?

Emulating Winston: It's very clear that Putin hugged a USSR-labeled teddy-bear as a infant and is very fond of USSR pride. Because the USA has emphasized a policy of "we are not your friend any more" towards Putin, and have not invited him to any NATO pajama parties, surely the best way to provoke an immediate reduction in shelling is to take responsibility as a superpower and compromise on intransigent intent?

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