Can an extra nomination in the French presidential election prevent a person's candidacy?

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In order to be a candidate in a French presidential election, a person must obtain at least 500 "présentations" or "parrainages" from among tens of thousands of elected representatives, the majority of whom are mayors.

The other two requirements are

  • that these présentations must come from at least 30 areas of the country (departments or overseas collectivities), and

  • that no more than 10% of them may come from the same area.

Let's say that at the time of the last announcement before the final one, a person has présentations as follows:

50 from 1 area
10 from each of 45 areas

So if no further présentations are received, he will have met all three criteria. Whatever happens, he has clearly met the first two criteria.

My question is what happens in respect of the third criterion if he receives one more présentation before the deadline, and it is from the area of the country in which he has already received 50.

In this case, his score would look like this:

51 from 1 area
10 from each of 45 areas

His total is now 501, and 51 exceeds 10% of 501.

Does he meet or fail to meet the third criterion?

You can check the exact wording of the law here:

Loi n° 62-1292 du 6 novembre 1962 relative à l'élection du Président de la République au suffrage universel (Version en vigueur au 08 février 2022).

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