Can an effective coup d'etat take place in the US? [closed]

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After the storming of the Capitol there is no doubt a coupe d'etat can take place. But luckily it was only a coup with no further effect. Is it imaginable that such a coup actually succeeds? It is of course imaginable, but what must I imagine for this to happen? There a lot of people (I guess...) who wouldn't have minded.

After reading a comment below I realise this question is too broad. Of course it is possible. But let't limit the scenario. Say that half of the people don't mind them doing it. I think this would be different if they shot a person on TV ( like almost happened in the Capitol where Pelosi had to hide). So say there are no people hurt during the coup itself. The coupers (or their constituents) have weapons to reply to governemental armored forces to remove them from the Capitol (I assume this is the best place to coup). They have also overtaken TV, and maybe FOX is even giving themthe freedom to say what they want. Ahead of time, the coupers have made preparations everywhere in the country, though I'm not sure what these preparations look like. Maybe taking control on lower levels. The coup is meticuously planned. But you can't plan everything. What can prevent their trying to take over? Will it end in a blood bath? Will Trump assist them? Will the people in the country who are against them come into action? Will there be fighting in the streets? Will anarchy spring up (precisely the contrary to what the coupers want)?

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  • July 13, 2021