Besides the Philippines do any countries have bilingual presidential debates requiring two (or more) languages to know what the candidates are saying?

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NOTE: I'm not a scholar of language and the only languages I have a working knowledge of are English, Math and Python. What is and isn't Filipino language has had a historical debate including legal and political. Please feel free to correct anything that I've got wrong here and accept my apologies!

Modern Filipino language contains many loanwords, so if one hears terms or phrases that can also be English (or Spanish) one can't necessarily say that the speaker has switched languages.

However, listening to CNN Philippines' PiliPinas Debates 2022: The Turning Point - 2nd Presidential Debate both the moderator and some of the debating candidates do switch between complete sentences in English and in Filipino. Just as one example in the 2 hour and 40 minute video, Leni Robredo's answer uses several English phrases when there is about 60 seconds left on the clock, and at 40 seconds left switches to English for several consecutive sentences and the subsequent response by Erensto Abella likewise alternates between English and Filipino.

Transcripts of a 2016 presidential debate (1, 2) also show a mixture of entire paragraphs in English.

Question: Besides the Philippines, are there any countries where presidential debates are bilingual, requiring the understanding of two (or more) languages to know what the candidates are actually saying?

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