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Does anyone recommend any quality material on how the new era of automation that has arrived could impact jobs in the world, and more specifically in Brazil?

Generally, when I talk about this subject, there is always a side that comes up and says: "don't worry about automation, as it arrives new jobs are created and everything balances out".

But others, like Yuval Noah Harari, point out that the new era of automation will indeed create new jobs (obviously), only they will be high-skill jobs, while those that will be replaced are largely low-skill.

For a country like Switzerland, this might not represent much of a problem. But what about for Brazil? We are a country in which most of the population works in jobs that enjoy a high chance of replacement. Many people in Brazil work in wholesale, retail, trade, etc; it's just that all of this has its days numbered, at least in potential.

Today, a supermarket employs a lot of people. But in the US, the concept of automated super monkey has already arrived and is just beginning. From the entrepreneur's point of view, this is great, because the more automation, the fewer human employment bonds. And that's because I spoke only about automation, but there is also digitization. In Brazil, and in the world, stores like Magazine Luiza, Casas Bahia and etc are still common. But since these stores migrated to the virtual environment, the demand for physical stores dropped (and in the pandemic, it plummeted).

Do you think that with the automation + digitization phenomenon we will lose LOW SKILL jobs more than we will gain? In other words, will we have mass unemployment? Or will everything "balance"?

Source: Machines may take half of jobs in Brazil | Career | Economic value

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  • August 19, 2021