As an ordinary Chinese, what should I do if there is a war between China and Taiwan? [closed]

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Just a few hours ago, Nancy Pelosi visited Taipei. The situation between China and Taiwan has never been more tense since 1996.

Thanks to China's Zero-COVID policy, China's economy has been hit hard. What is happening around me is that many people are losing their jobs or getting paid lower wages. Stores are closed. (The data searched from the Internet may not look too bad because of the CCP's particular way of calculating the unemployment rate).

Everything looks exactly the same as it did in Germany before the Second World War: a bad economy with a persistently high unemployment rate, general ultra-nationalism, the people manipulated by propaganda, a power-hungry dictator...

In order to divert the acute social tensions in China, the CCP has to point the finger at Taiwan and the US. Also, the Taiwan Issue is not only the foundation of the CCP's rule, but also Xi's rule.

Tonight, the situation between China and Taiwan has never been more tense. If there is a war between China and Taiwan, the US and Japan absolutely will be in the war too, against China. It could be the most tragic war in human history.

As a staunch opponent of the Chinese Communist Party, a believer in democracy and freedom and a people who was born, grew up, educated, and worked in China. What should an ordinary Chinese do to save himself and more people if he can?

Since the Covid pandemic began, the CCP has severely restricted the issuance of passports. It's almost impossible for an ordinary person to get a passport unless they're studying abroad.

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