Arguments for destabilization as Lukashenko motive

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It is november 2021 and thousands of people from Syria and Iraq are trying to cross the Belarus border into the EU.
The migrants are transported to the border by Belarus officials.
On the EU side this has been labelled as an attempt to destabilise the EU with the migrant influx.

We cannot look inside Belarus president's Lukashenko's head. But what arguments are there to assume this is indeed an attempt to destabilise the EU?
It is entirely possible it is only about money, if 1000 migrants pay 10.000 euro (this is about the rate, see the bbc link) that is 10 million euro. If a lot of that money goes to the Belarus president's friends, that could be a real reason.

So what are the arguments for Belarus goventments's motives being about destabilizing the EU?

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  • November 20, 2021