Are there restrictions in the UK against calling politicians liars?

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In the comedic New York Times video Jonathan Pie: 'Boris Johnson Is a Liar' | NYT Opinion at about 00:45 the character (speaking to a fictional New York Times interviewer) says:

Actually I can't say liar, can I? Really? (surprised)

Oh in the UK you can't call them liars, you have to say like "Oh, he inadvertently misled parliament." Seriously? I can just come out and say it - call him a liar?

Ah, god bless America.

From Wikipedia:

Jonathan Pie is a fictional character created and portrayed by English actor and comedian Tom Walker. A political correspondent, Pie appears in a series of comedic online videos in which he rants angrily about British, American, and Australian politics, with the videos being presented as though he were a real reporter giving his personal opinions before or after filming a regular news segment.

In this case the Pie character is supposed to be explaining to the US audience of the New York Times about the news of Boris Johnson's apparently not telling the truth about parties which appeared to violate government restrictions due to the pandemic.

Question: Are there restrictions in the UK against calling politicians liars?

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  • February 7, 2022