Are there international rules or mechanisms to prevent the theft of technology across borders?

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Korea's tech industries are increasingly becoming the target of
technology and intellectual property theft that has been growing in
sophistication and harmfulness.

The targeted industries include semiconductors, large batteries and
cars, which are all pillars of Korea's economy and therefore the leak
of related trade secrets is considered a threat to the national

With industrial espionage, competitors' poaching of skilled employees, cyberattacks and other forms of theft being rampant, the
world has been introducing stricter rules to ban theft of competitors'
technologies across borders.

Tech industries at the same time are growing ever more competitive, as
countries push for self-sufficiency amid the pandemic and also
de-globalization in the context of the U.S.-China trade war.

Against this backdrop, overseas competitors approach Korean
conglomerates' key scientists and engineers and attempt to lure them
to higher-paid jobs at firms that seemingly have no link to their

This articles suggest that some rules were introduced by various countries to ban theft of technology across borders, I am wondering if there are international rules or mechanisms to prevent the theft of technology or if those rules are implemented at a national level. If it's implemented at a national level, how do the countries prevent cross-border technology theft?

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  • August 8, 2021