Are Internet Companies (Google, twitter, Facebook , …) affected by sanctions against Iran?

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I'm an Iranian and I've been confronted with sites now and then where I can't get my number registered or I won't be allowed to even view the page where my IP address is detected to be from Iran and so on.

samples are:

well, I know the US is not in good terms with my country at the moment; but I don't see why some sites would decide to stop users from Iran and some wouldn't?

And I like to know if there is any specific law in the US enforcing these acts or it's the policy of these sites that are different from other companies in the US?


  • This can't be from Iran's current censorship policy where users are redirected to a official page indicating the restrictions Iran does put on the site.
  • And I'm not trying to make an statement here or to support Iran's or any other country's policies. I just want to know why these sites decided to ban Iranian users.

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  • March 18, 2015