America world police VS America world psychologist approach to Russian problem? [closed]

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Question: What approach by the USA government could have helped avoid the Ukraine wars?

A point of no-return has been crossed which may lead to ethnic/ideological cleansing and genocide by the Russian state.

It's the least desired outcome imaginable for the United States government.

Given that Putin's intellect wanes to ISIS style expansionism, remeniscent of the mental problems of Joseph Stalin, can we say that the "America World Police" policy by Biden, Clinton etc has worsened European security?

Did US diplomatic attacks and warnings serve a good purpose in long-term US foreign policy?

Hillary Clinton (accurately) commented that Vladimir Putin is leader of a white supremacist and xenophobic movement, a world-class mysogenyst, arrogant, like hitler, weaponising energy

Biden says Putin is a killer and Russia will pay, Putin knows there are consequences

In view of the war, did those diplomatic exchanges help to pacify the russian nationalistic zeal and putin's mental problems?

Can you suggest different types of political communication which may have more positive results? What words would have better served the purpose of peace and Russian democracy rather than appoint Ramzan Kadyrov prior to retirement?

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