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Suppose this hypothetical. On January 1, 2021 we were visited and secretly observed by an alien life form that is far superior to us humans technically, socially, morally and politically. And that these beings would choose to not interfere with us in any way but had full access to all past and present public information; TV broadcasts, radio, newsprint, internet, billboards, history books, political rallies, laws, policies, investigations, etc. And that from analysis of this information they could determine to what degree said information were factually accurate and true. And that they prioritize truth and justice. And that their home planet contains individual countries and that they have reached an understanding and implementation of the optimal blend of justice at the individual country level and at the planetary level.

What would their analysis of the current 2-party system in the United States look like ?

  1. Specifically, what pros and cons would they observe in our current Democratic and Republican parties ?
  2. What predictions would they make for the US and our planet over the next 10 and 100 years ?
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  • July 31, 2021