Algorithm for creating efficient test ballots [closed]

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When preparing test ballots for voting machines that read hand-prepared, fill-in-the-oval paper ballots, is there an algorithm to prepare the ballots to guarantee each candidate (in a certain race) gets a different number of votes? This would assure that when the machine was programmed, none of the candidates were swapped. That is, a fault where the oval next to Joe's name causes a vote to be registered for Sue, and the oval next to Sue's name causes a vote to be registered for Joe.

The ballots I'm interested contain several races, and the most challenging race allows one vote to be cast for any of 8 candidates (or a write-in).

The context of this question is election officials preparing test ballots and running them through the voting machine before the election, to make sure the machine is properly programmed. After the test, the vote totals in the machine are reset to zero for all races.

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  • October 14, 2022